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Benefits of Coconut Water for Flu Treatment: Cure Dehydration, Upset Stomach and Nausea

Flu season is here, so it’s time to discuss the benefits coconut water can have for treating dehydration, nausea, and upset stomachs. Flu, is short for influenza and is a virus that causes dehydration, stomach pain, nausea and aching all over the body. Having the flu is an awful experience, especially for young children. This article showcases how coconut water alleviates the symptoms mentioned above and also has flu treatment recipes to get you on your way to a speedy recovery. For your body’s immune system to work at it’s most efficient, your body has to stay properly hydrated. Coconut water has all five electrolytes your body needs to do this. Potassium is the main electrolyte needed, because one, 8.5 oz serving has 15 times more potassium than other sports drinks, like Gatorade or VitaWater.

benefits coconut water

Because youll be more hydrated, you ll be feeling better and, it ll also get you cured, faster, because your immune system will be operating more efficiently. It also has lauric acid, a mineral that benefits you while you have the flu because it helps alleviate the stomach irritation that accompanies the virus. Nausea is another symptom of the flu, because the stomach irritation limits your stomach’s ability to hold down food. An old school flu remedy my mom used to help me re-hydrate when I had the flu, was to give me ice chips.

With what we know about the benefits of coconut water, today, why not take this flu remedy one step further and make ice chips using the water from coconuts? It’ll rehydrate you faster than water and calm your stomach. There’s also several flavors, with natural fruit extracts, that you could make popsicles with.

Even though I didn’t have the flu, I did get food poisoning about 3 weeks ago, that was accompanied with violent stomach pains and frequent trips to the restroom (sorry for being too descriptive). There was one box of coco water left in the house with about 6 ounces in it and I prayed it would help ease my pain.

For the 2 years I’ve been drinking water from coconuts, it was the first time I’d used it to alleviate some type of medical symptom, besides a hangover. It always helped my hangovers, but I’m pleasantly suprised at how much better it made my stomach feel when I had the food poisoning. Within 15 minutes, the pain was tolerable and continued fading until I fell asleep.

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Dehydration in Adults Home Remedies

Make an effort to get individuals who're dehydrated (even people who had been vomiting) to consider fluids inside the following ways: Sip small amounts water. Drink carb/electrolyte-that consists of drinks. Good choices are sports drinks for instance Gatorade or prepared alternative solutions (Pedialyte is really a example). Suck on popsicles created from juices and sports drinks. Suck on ice chips. Sip using a hay (could be helpful for anyone who has had jaw surgical treatments or mouth sores). Make an effort to awesome the person, should there be been warmth exposure or individual posseses an elevated temperature inside the following ways:

bottle of spray or misters to spray tepid

Remove any excess clothing and release other clothing

Air-conditioned areas are ideal for helping return the affected individual's temperature on track and break the heat exposure cycle.

If air-conditioning is not available, increase cooling by evaporation by putting the person near fans or possibly in cooler areas, if outdoors. Convey a wet towel across the person.

If available, take advantage of the bottle of spray or misters to spray tepid (luke-warm) water on uncovered skin surfaces to help with cooling by evaporation.

Avoid submitting skin to excessive cold, for instance ice packs or cold water. This might result in the blood stream ships inside the skin to then can decrease, rather than increase warmth loss. Connection with excessive cold might also cause shivering, which will increase temperature, this might cause the possible lack of liquids signs and signs and symptoms being worse.