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Cold Medicine While Breastfeeding

After having a baby, the new mother is absorbed completely in looking after the newborn. However, a new mother also needs to understand the changes her body undergoes not just for her well being, but also for the baby’s. When a woman is breastfeeding, she should refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking. In addition, take OTC cold medicine should also be avoided.

newborn baby

Whatever the new mother eats or drinks also gets passed on to the baby, albeit in small amounts. So, if a woman is suffering from a cold, she should not take any medication without first checking with her doctor. It is possible that the medication she takes could be harmful to the newborn.

Even a small amount of the cold medicine could have harmful effects on the newborn baby. According to some medical researches, around one percent of medication consumed by the mother is passed on to the baby via breast milk. This amount is more than enough to cause an adverse reaction in the newborn.

Therefore, if a woman, who is breastfeeding, suffers from a cold, she should look for alternative ways of treating the cold. Things like steam inhalation, gargling with saltwater or drinking herbal tea with honey could help to alleviate the symptoms of the cold and give the woman some relief. However, if the cold is particularly severe, there are medications available that do not instantly appear in the breast milk. But, for this it is best to consult a doctor. The doctor will give you a prescription for the medication and also advise you to time the drug intake so that the medication has minimal effect on the newborn baby.

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Dealing With the Negative News on Fish Oil

Lately, I have noticed that my beloved fish oil that keeps my heart strong, my brain clear and my mood even has come under attack. Just the other day as I was out shopping I ran into a friend who urgently informed me that I was potentially “poisoning” my kids by giving them omega 3. Well, not surprisingly, I found that a little unsettling. But fortunately, thanks to my own research into the subject, I did not have to be alarmed.

The issue with omega 3 fish oil is that it is made from fatty fish. Many brands make their fish oil from tuna, mackerel or even sardines, which are certainly oily but not the best sources for omega 3s. Since these fish are often farmed or harvested from polluted waters, it should not surprise anyone taking a supplement made from their oils that they have the potential to be polluted as well. In fact, many studies over the years have found contaminants and pollutants in the majority of brands of omega 3 fish oil.

Fish Oil

However, I am not worried in the least about my fish oil. Why? Several good reasons:

1. It’s made from Arctic Circle salmon
These fish are raised and harvested from the clear, icy waters of the Arctic Circle. They are not ever exposed to pollutants.
2. It’s certified toxin free
Every single supplement that I buy has been tested and certified toxin free. No mercury, no heavy metals and no trace contaminants here!
3. It’s used by some serious health players
My supplement is the one used by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is recommended by members of the American College of Toxicology. I know that professionals with serious reputations on the line are backing my product.
So next time someone freaks out on you about your omega 3 supplement, make sure that you do not have to worry about a thing by researching your supplement ahead of time and making sure it is the right and safest product possible for you and your family.
Learn more about omega 3 fatty acid safety at Learn more about fish oil supplements.